ColdLogic LLC Hiring Process


Step 1: Registration -- Questions


Our website registration is the first step in the ColdLogic hiring process. During registration, we will ask a lot of questions and many will be technical. We don't expect you to know everything, but we do expect you to answer honestly!


We want to know what you can find out and can become proficient in quickly, using what you already know as the basis and what you have done before as the evidence you can do something similar. We assume your first step is Google. Don't cut and paste answers, just put the URL; but understand it, and show that you understand it. Be prepared for follow up questions. We have no predefined rules as to what you have to be able to do, as long as you can do something that we need done, and do it well!


Examples for acceptable answers are:

Q: How would you make a java program to do X?

A:  I have found a java library at url that does Y, that would be suitable because..., and I know how to make it do X because I have done...

A:  I have no clue about programming, but I'm a whiz at the mechanical stuff (as shown in answers to other questions.)


Q: How would you make a robot go from A to B?

A:  I have no clue about programming, but if something produces 5V signals for Start, Stop, Right, or Left I guarantee I can make a mechanical system that will obey the signals, because I have done...

A:  I have no aptitude for mechanical stuff, but I write java to generate 0's and 1's for  Start, Stop, Right, or Left, and guarantee it will go from A to B, because I have done...

A:  I can only handle electronics - I get from 0's and 1's to 5v signals, because I have done...


Step 2: Registration -- Non-Disclosure Agreement


At the end of the registration questions, you will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement that signals your agreement to the following:


1. Nothing that you communicate to ColdLogic is confidential or proprietary or trade secret.


2. Everything that ColdLogic communicates  to you, or that you learn about ColdLogic, and/or ColdLogic's clients including without limitation activities, investors, or intentions, is confidential and proprietary and trade secret of ColdLogic LLC and/or its clients.


3. By participating in this process, you assume unlimited liability to ColdLogic and its clients for the consequences of your disclosure or use of anything confidential and/or proprietary and/or trade secret of ColdLogic LLC and/or its clients, and you agree endure that ColdLogic assumes no liability to you or any third party as a result of your participation in this process. ColdLogic reserves the right to terminate or change the process without notice. You have the right to discontinue the process at any point, but your obligations under this agreement will endure regardless.


Once you have completed the registration questions and signed the NDA, you will submit your registration to ColdLogic for approval. We will contact you via email with the result.


Step 3: Website Review


If your registration is approved, you will be free to access our entire website including all pages protected by the NDA. We encourage you spend some time reviewing the information on the site to learn more about ColdLogic and decide if you want to apply.


Step 4: Application


If after reviewing the website, you decide you do want to officially apply to ColdLogic, you will need to visit My Account Home and click on Application.


Some of the questions contained in the application are the same as those from the registration process. You may choose to update and/or expand upon your previous answers during the application if you would like.


Once your application is complete, you will submit it to ColdLogic  for approval. Again, we will contact you via email with the result.


Step 5: Face to Face Meeting


If we like what we see on your application, we will invite you to meet us in person! The face-to-face meeting will take place in the North Raleigh area and the specific details will be included in your email invitation.