About Us


ColdLogic provides the technical heavyweights to support serial entrepreneurs: folks addicted to creating new companies and chasing wild geese; folks with great connections to billionaires who can actually afford such ventures!


We are offering specific opportunities in information technology (applications and systems management) for automation, robotics, image recognition, 3D geometrics, animation, open object structures, and cryptography.


We like to think a little differently over at ColdLogic and take our motto from that old cartoon Pinky and The Brain:

"What shall we do tomorrow, Brain?"

"Same as we do everyday, Pinky: try to take over the world!"

(Pinky and the Brain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Well, we are working on taking over the world, but we'd have to kill if you found out how. (Kidding, of course! However, a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required.)





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